active actors in politics
Bollywood Artists are more active than Politicians. So demand is so high in Indian politics

Vinay goel

Today Political scenario has changed in India. Every Political Parties loosed faith in public. So every political party running behind Bollywood Stars, Sportsmen and Other celebrities. General election 2019 is going on. Fifty percent election has completed. Only three steps election rest. On 23rd May the day of eye opening for Political parties. Political Parties are giving offer to join party and get ticket for election 2019. Every Political parties wishes a confident, Crowd puller and sure winner.

If we see two decades before some reputed and talented persons get offer for Rajya sabha seat. SunIl datt, Vaijayanti Mala, Rekha, Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar and More legendry person offered for Rajya Sabha Seat. Legendry Cricket star Sachin Tendulkar got honoured for Member of Parliament. But That is a History. In present Every Political Party has no wining candidates for election. So Parties are having faith in Popular celebrities from various fields like Bollywood, Sports and Artists.

Recently Sufi Singer Hansraj hans has joined BJP and Got ticket from North west Delhi. Hans was trying from long time to get ticket and now he grt ticket from BJP. Party will use Hans as a crowd puller singer in election to attract voter. It will see how much party get success in goal. Daler Mehandi is also popular and worl known singer who has joined BJP. Daler will also star person which may be contestant or crowd puller. In the meantime another Bollywood actor Sunny Deol joined BJP and Got ticket from Gurdaspur Punjab. He is popular in India youth. BJP think that Gurdaspur seat may be win on the shoulder of sunny. In by election Congress leader Sunil jhakhar won the seat with heavy margine. It,s a Shocking news for BJP.  Actor Vinod Khanna was elected MP in 2014. He wad died in 2018. Mr. Khanna won three time in Gurdaspur. BJP wants Gurdaspur seat in this election any how. So he decided to leave by election candidate Swarn sing salaria and given ticket to Sunny. Vinod Khanna,s wife Kavita also trying for ticket from gurdaspur, but did not offer them. So she is very upset to know that sunny is contesting candidate from Gurdaspur. From some sources that Kavita may contest if she will not get ticket from party. But other hand she does,t want to leave party so She came Delhi and brief Pressmen to own views for party and PM Modi. She has shown her faith in PM modi.  In last by election BJP candidate defeated by cong. Leader with heavy difference. At that time Kavita shown her wish to contest from Gurdaspur. But party did not care Kavita and ticket given to Swarn singh. But Swarn sight not win the contest. Party supposed that in the defeat of salariya Kavita and her supporters played big game. So Party has decided to give ticket new candidate like crowd puller Bollywood Actor Sunny deol.



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