On a regular basis, we come across things on Twitter that leave us speechless. And today is one such day. A trend that has been going viral will change the life of all the cereal eaters.

Videos of the correct way of closing a cereal box have been going viral and these videos will tell you that you have been doing it wrong your entire life. Recently, a Twitter handle shared a video with the caption, “What an amazing hack! Who knew!! #LifeHacks #aspectwallart #amazing #whoknew #cerealboxhack”

The video shows a woman holding a cereal box. For the first step, she folds the side flaps inside, she then does the same with the back flap. Then she folds the box from the sides and finally, folds the front flap in a way that it connects to the back flap and voila, it is done.

From pouring the cereal in an airtight container to tying the bag with a rubber band, in the past, we have tried so many ways to prevent cereal from getting soggy. But this is the true game-changer.

A lot of people also tried the hack and shared the videos on Twitter. Have a look at some of them.

Have you tried this hack yet?

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