For Anushka Sharma, Ek Muskaan Sajaa Kar, Raaz Ko Parda Dena was a fairly simple task in Bombay Velvet. But what wasn’t as easy as it might appear was her look in the Anurag Kashyap-directed film.

Cast as Rosie Noronha, Anushka played a jazz singer in the 2015 film that was set in the late 1960s in Bombay. In order to depict the style of the 60s’ stage singers and actresses, Anushka’s stylists and designers went from soup to nuts to create an appropriate look for her for Bombay Velvet.

Pearls. Tassels. Sheer. Sequins. And of course, velvet. There was no dearth of bling in Anushka’s outfits in the film. But it neither appeared too jazzy nor was it over the top. In fact, Rosie’s style was reminiscent of the era gone by. Very Audrey Hepburn-ish. The true-blue retro feel, to be precise.

File photo of Audrey Hepburn from Getty Images (L) and Anushka Sharma in a still from Bombay Velvet (R).

What also required enough time and effort was setting her hair. International hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou was responsible for Rosie’s myriad hairdos in accordance with her outfits and he did a fab job.

Apart from her hairstyles, Rosie’s make-up was equally stunning in the film. Putting everything together was a sizeable task but the effort, certainly, was worth it.

As Bombay Velvet turns five today, let’s take a look at Rosie’s look in detail.


Anushka Sharma in a still from Mohabbat Buri Beemari in Bombay Velvet.

Rosie’s costumes in Bombay Velvet were designed as per the mood of the songs composed by Amit Trivedi for the film. In Mohabbat Buri Beemari, for example, Rosie glittered in a short dress. An overload of bling but just enough drama for her stage performance. Fifi was all about that old-Bombay opera feel. Rosie, pretty in a red cold-shoulder dress and a striking hairdo, provided vocals to a reworked version of Jata Kahan Hai Deewane from the 1956 film CID with a forlorn expression.

Anushka Sharma in a still from Behroopia in Bombay Velvet.

In Behroopia, our personal favourite, she was elegant in a green floor-length dress with fringe details.

Anushka Sharma in a still from Sylvia in Bombay Velvet.

Rosie’s flowy pearl dress with tassels in Sylvia was beautiful as well. Most of Anushka’s costumes weighed about 35-40 kgs but she made it look like no big deal. Premium level panache.

Anushka Sharma in a still from Bombay Velvet.

Rosie’s attire in the scenes where she did not appear on stage was the absolute opposite of what she wore during her performances. Basic T-shirts and pants. Frilled dresses with floral prints. Basically, outfits that women in old-Bombay neighbourhoods are generally spotted wearing.


Anushka Sharma in a still from Fifi in Bombay Velvet.

In accordance with her outfits, Rosie’s jewellery was also all about the bling. In Fifi, she matched her red dress to a gold-plated heart-shaped earring while the shimmery green dress in Behroopia complemented the dazzling gold danglers. She also wore jazzy neckpieces while in Naak Pe Gussa, Rosie’s ruby and diamond necklace was the star of the show. There was no question of a mismatch in even one scene as every piece of jewellery corresponded to the colour of her outfit. Pearl earrings. Rubies and diamonds. So vintage!


Anushka Sharma in a still from Bombay Velvet.

Gabriel Georgiou ensured that Anushka’s hairstyles in Bombay Velvet were flawless and to do so, he took inspiration from Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Marylin Monroe as well as Helen, Nargis and Audrey Hepburn. Bouffant, fringe-cut, short and long haircuts, as well as the simple neat buns, Rosie’s hairdos were accentuated with electrifying hair accessories such as bead strings, bows, roses and jewelled brooches.


Anushka Sharma in a still from Naak Pe Gussa in Bombay Velvet.

Rosie’s make-up was subtle but impressive enough to wrap the deal to perfection. Arched eyebrows, false eyelashes with oodles of mascara as well as the classic retro style of the winged eyeliner. She also used adequate white eye pencil on the inner corners and enough highlighter for the glow on her face. Red lipstick was standard, though she also wore nude shades in certain scenes.

Bombay Velvet co-starred Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Manish Choudhary and Satyadeep Mishra in pivotal roles. The film was widely panned by critics and failed to do good business at the box office.

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