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NEW DELHI: The transport ministry has allowed increasing the length and height of several categories of vehicles, particularly buses and goods carriers in a bid to push passenger, logistics and containerised movement on roads. This comes nearly two years after the ministry increased the axle load of goods vehicles by 25% allowing trucks to carry more load.
According to a notification, now length of normal buses can be upto 13.5 metres as compared to the earlier cap of 12 metres. This will increase seating capacity by 10-15% and will prove to be a boon for inter-city passenger movement, an official said.
In what is being termed as a game-changing move, the notification says, in case a heavy duty truck has a closed load body or is an ISO series 1 freight container, its overall height can be up to 4.52 metres. For other heavy duty trucks, the height has been capped at 4 metres which earlier was 3.8 metres.
“The focus is to encourage containerised movement of white goods and other items. This has been done to align our standards with global norms,” said an official.
To facilitate movement of livestock and construction equipment vehicles, the new maximum permissible height is 4.75m. Similarly, the ministry has notified allowing similar height for truck and tractor trailers, if these are carrying motor vehicles, construction equipment vehicles, livestock and white goods in closed load body.

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