K C Venugopal (Pic credit: Twitter)

NEW DELHI: Congress has directed its state units to hold “imaginative and captivating” events to make its nationwide protest against petrol price hike a success while deciding to virtually turn its leaders and workers into visual journalists to provide heft to the online leg of the demonstration.
As part of its offensive against BJP where many felt that China was overshadowing the common man’s issue of record hike in fuel prices, Congress decided to hold countrywide dharna in state capitals and districts on Monday while they will cover taluks and blocks during the week.
But what is interesting is the eagerness in Congress that its battle cry leave a mark, especially since corona pandemic restrictions have limited the party’s political presence on the ground and forced it to up its online game.
AICC general secretary in-charge of organisation K C Venugopal has shot off a letter to state units underlining “it is highly desired to hold imaginative and captivating events like pulling bullock carts, riding bicycle etc”. The idea is that protest should not be limited to the routine idea of sitting on dharnas outside central government offices but should attract people’s attention.
That the AICC should dictate to states about the need for off-beat events, however, had many in the party amused.

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