rape victim
Agirl raped by his maternal uncle at his House, Girls parent lodged an fir against that culprit at Madiyaon Police station

If you are leaving your children to any one, Specialy daughter. Do not belive any one. If you do so may be regreat in future. Time is very bad relations are going dark and spotted in society. An incident came in light that maternal uncle has raped his sisters daughter who came to Lucknow for summer vacation. Innocent girl raped by her maternal uncle’s Home when she was lone. Parent has given complains against culprit in Madiyaon Police station on moday 10th june.

Rss leader and advocate DK singh is living in Priyadarshini Nagar. He is active politician connected with BJP leaders. Her sister sent her innocent daughter in summer vacation. Last satureday DK singh who is real maternal uncle forcefully raped girl in house when she was alone. After this he threat to his Bhanji don’t tell about dirty act any one otherwise he will kill her. But Monday evening she called her parents to come here and bring them back. Parents came Locknow and brought girl to Sitapur. Girl told her mother about rape. Next Husband wife came Lucknow with daughter. They went to area police saion and registerd a fir against culprit. Police taken strict action and arrested blamed DK singh. His supporter and BjP leader reaches at police station to help. But knowing the matter they returned back.


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